Thursday, 27 June 2013

Weird & Wonderful Foods: Scorpion Vodka, BBQ Worms, Giant Gummy Bear

Since I've been finding so many downright odd and unusual snacks lately, I thought I'd do a quick roundup of them all. Some of them I shall not be reviewing - ever - so you'll have to live in wonder as to how they might taste!

First up is this Scorpion Vodka - whoever thought this was a good idea is obviously a few pints short of a brewery; who is going to buy this? More to the point - why spoil perfectly good alcohol?!

As if putting scorpions in vodka wasn't bad enough someone also thought it a good idea to put them in slabs of toffee. Behold this Toffee Scorpion Candy:

Again - why ruin perfectly good toffee (at least I'm assuming it is) with scorpions?

Moving swiftly can now experience "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!" for yourself with these BBQ Flavour Worm Crisps!:

I imagine these are more popular than the scorpions but they're still not something I would ever eat without being paid a LOT of money!

And now for something a bit sweeter and more wonderful to conclude this Snacks Roundup...The World's Largest Gummi Bear:

This gummy bear - or gummy monster - is made in the USA and costs a hefty £40! I imagine you'd have to really like gummy bears to fork out for one of these!

Well, that's it for today's roundup...I hope you've all enjoyed peeking into the world of weird and wonderful snackstuffs, please do leave a comment and let me know if you've tried any of these oddities yourself!

I get the feeling I'll have a lot more weird and wonderful snack reviews to come...

Moser Roth Passion Fruit Panna Cotta - Summer Limited Edition (Aldi)

When I heard about the new Summer Limited Edition Panna Cotta bars from Moser Roth I just had to find my nearest Aldi and track them down. I'm always moaning about the lack of interesting chocolate varieties we get from UK manufacturers so I was all the more excited to try these!

The Limited Edition range comes in Blueberry, Raspberry and Passionfruit varities. I chose Blueberry and Passionfruit, although in hindsight wish I'd bought the Raspberry flavour too!

The bars are described as "Milk chocolate with a lightly whipped creamy mousse, topped with a passion fruit flavoured filling". They're unique in that rather than being a single large block, the pack is comprised of 5 individually wrapped bars. This is a great idea because each one is the perfect size to savour all to yourself, plus the quality is so good that a single bar is really satisfying.

Each bar can be split into 4 pieces and has a layer of panna cotta mousse at the bottom, with the passionfruit layer sat above:

Taste-wise I thought they were quite simply, amazing! The milk chocolate was good quality, with a creamy taste similar to that of Lindt chocolate. Adding to this was the panna cotta mousse, which was also very creamy and melted in the mouth nicely. The passionfruit layer itself was quite sticky and almost like a runny jam, and provided a refreshing, fruity tanginess which I thought complimented the panna cotta mousse very well. Passionfruit isn't a flavour often paired with chocolate, but in this instance it really works!

Overall, I really enjoyed these Passion Fruit Panna Cotta bars and would highly recommend them, especially to fans of fruity chocolates. They're by far some of the nicest chocolates I've eaten and reviewed this year (and I've eaten a lot!), infact I'm considering awarding them a "Product of the Year" title! I really like the fact that Moser Roth have combined interesting flavours with good quality chocolate - something most mainstream chocolate manufacturers rarely get right.

Please stay tuned for my review of the Moser Roth Blueberry Panna Cotta bars...

Price (per 187g pack): £1.69 at Aldi.
Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Contains milk & soya. May contain peanuts and nuts.
Nutritional Information (per 37.5g bar): 197 calories, 11.7g fat, 20.1g carbs (19.2g sugars).

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Percy & Penny Pig together at last! (Marks & Spencer)

Whilst in M&S recently I spotted the "New" label on these Percy Pigs and put them in my basket without realizing they aren't really all that new; they're a mixture of Percy Pig, Penny Pig and "strawberry hearts" sweets all in the same bag.  

If you've tried Penny Pig sweets before you'll know they are similar to Percy Pigs but with a lemon flavour. They're nice, but nowhere near as good as the original Percy Pigs in my opinion. The Percy Pigs themselves tasted as good as always, with a lovely thick chewy texture and a delicious addictive fruity taste. The "strawberry hearts" were a bit non-descript, they tasted a bit like Percy Pigs but with a less intense fruity flavour. 

Overall, if you like both Percy Pig and Penny Pig sweets these are a nice mixture of the two - with some extra strawberry heart sweets thrown in - but personally I think it's better to get either one or the other individually. 

According to the sticker on the pack these are to celebrate 21 years of Percy Pig (blimey, Percy is getting old!) and in that respect I think they're a bit disappointing. Why boast about producing a great product for 21 years with something so uninspired? Why not mark those 21 years with a bang instead? (Percy Pig Sausages, perhaps?!)

Price: £1.49 at Marks and Spencer.
Ingredients: Contains gelatine - not suitable for vegetarians. 
Allergy Advice: Not suitable for cow's milk allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods. 
Nutrition Information (per 25g): 85 calories, 0.1g fat, 19.7g carbs (13.2g sugars).

Fruittella Pixels

Whilst in Home Bargains recently I came across 16g sachets of these Fruittella Pixels for the very low price of 12p (or thereabouts). Like lots of cheap stuff sold at Home Bargains I thought "why not?" and added them to my basket.

The name intrigued me too, because Pixels seems a bit of an old-school kind of name for a sweet product. Nowadays it's all "LOL Drinks", "iGums", "Jellicons" and whatnot.

The sweets are little block-shaped fruity chews to fit with the name, which is a nice idea. There's a picture on the wrapper showing an X made from them so I had a go at making one myself:

I'm not sure how it ended up looking like a cross...maybe divine intervention was at work!

They tasted a bit similar to Skittles, with similar flavours and a similar chewy texture, but much weaker in flavour. And because of their tiny size they were kinda annoying because you have to eat more to feel like you're eating something substantial.

Overall, an interesting product concept which I'm sure kiddies will enjoy. They're a nice little novelty and also probably good for decorating cakes or muffins with. I wouldn't buy them again myself though because there's much better sweets out there and they're too insubstantial.

Price: About 12p at Home Bargains but I can't remember exactly, sorry! Asda sell them too.
Ingredients: Contains shellac and beeswax - so not suitable for vegetarians.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Spotted in shops! - Bubble Bars, Golden Syrup Cones, Coco Pops Chocos

Today's post is a quick roundup of some interesting snacks I've seen in shops recently but didn't buy. This happens quite often as there's always something new, weird or imported popping up in my local shops, but it's not practical to review them all, as much as I'd like to!

First up are these "Bubble Bars" which I spotted in both Poundzone and B&M Bargains. There's a milk chocolate and white chocolate version. Can you say "Aero knockoff"?!

Next up are these Lyle's Golden Syrup ice cream cones, which I spotted in a discount frozen food store called Heron Foods. I'm not sure if they're available in supermarkets or not. They're described as "Crisp biscuit cones with golden syrup ice cream and Lyle's golden syrup". Sounds delicious!

In the same store I also spotted these Coco Pops Chocos. I'm not really sure if they're new, limited edition or imported as I don't keep up with cereal news, but they looked interesting (and what a bargain at 2 for £1! Probably out of date though...):

This concludes my first "Spotted in shops!" post, which I may make a regular feature if I see enough things worth posting about. I hope you've enjoyed reading, please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Walkers Milk Chocolate Raisin Eggs

Whilst in Poundworld recently, I spotted these Walkers Chocolate Raisin Eggs. I've never seen or heard of crunchy coated chocolate raisins before so I just had to give them a try.

They are pretty much like a mashup between a Chocolate Raisin and a Cadbury Mini Egg - each chocolate raisin is coated in a crisp sugar shell, although they were a bit too small to be classed as "eggs" in my opinion. They carry the logo "Walkers Chocolates of London since 1963", but are made in Birmingham. Seems a bit like false advertising to me!

I have to be honest and say the quality of the chocolate wasn't all that great, it was very sweet and sugary and the sort of thing you would expect to find in a pound shop really. The raisins themselves weren't great quality either. But despite this, I rather enjoyed them! The contrast in texture between the soft raisins with the crunchy shell was oddly addictive and I couldn't help munching on far too many despite the sugar rush that was hitting me!

Overall, despite the poor quality chocolate I thought these Chocolate Raisin Eggs were a unique and addictive product. It would be nice if another company could replicate them with better quality ingredients.

Price: £1 at Poundworld.
Ingredients: Contains 25% cocoa solids. Not suitable for vegetarians - contains cochineal.
Allergy advice: None stated but contains milk, whey powder and soya lecithin.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

E Wedel Pierrot - peanut praline bar

Whilst looking at the chocolates in my local European import store recently I spied this bar of Wedel Pierrot. It caught my attention because of the vibrant packaging and also the jesters hat. After a bit of online research it seems that it's to represent a pantomine character called Pierrot.

The bar is comprised of milk chocolate with a peanut praline filling and chopped peanuts. I was looking forward to tasting it because I love the combination of peanuts and chocolate, it's so moreish!

And indeed it tasted amazing. The peanut praline was super creamy and with a moreish nutty taste, and was so addictive I demolished most of the bar in one go (peanut butter has a similar effect on me!). The chopped peanut pieces added to the moreishness, giving the bar a delicious crunch.

Overall, a delicious bar of chocolate which I would definitely buy again. If you like praline and peanuts, I would recommend having a look for this bar in your local import store.

I noticed there's a different Pierrot bar available, which is smaller and contains pieces of wafer as well as peanut. I might have to give that a try next!

Price: Around £1, although I can't remember exactly.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Nestlé Rowntree's Tropical Fruit Pastilles Review

Perhaps to a cash-in on the recent "summer flavours" trend in confectionery, Nestlé Rowntree's have released this new Tropical variety of Fruit Pastilles. I was surprised to see these in Asda recently since they haven't been advertised and there's been no press release for them - they've just been plonked onto shelves with no warning.

The flavours are lime, pineapple, cherry and melon. Not the most exciting combination of "tropical" flavours, in my opinion. Lime is a bog-standard flavour for many varieties of sweets anyway so how it qualifies as "tropical" is a new one on me. Cherry also doesn't strike me as particularly "tropical", infact it's a staple regular flavour for many sweets brands.

Taste-wise I thought the pastilles were quite boring and pointless, and not all that different to how I remember regular Fruit Pastilles tasting, to be honest. They were very sugary, and even though they contain 25% fruit juice I couldn't really taste it because of the excess sugar. None of the flavours were particularly strong or flavoursome, they were very mild and didn't leave much of an impression.

Overall, I'm not very impressed with these Tropical Fruit Pastilles and think they missed an opportunity to introduce something truly new and different. Other flavours such as passisonfruit, mango, guava, lychee etc would've been be far more suited to the "tropical" tag in my opinion.

Update: There's also an "Orchard Fruits" variety of Fruit Pastilles, apparently available only at Tesco.

Price: £1 at Asda.
Ingredients: Contains gelatine - not suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: None stated.
Nutritional information (7 sweets): 94 calories, 21.9g carbs (15g sugars), Trace of fat.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Swiss Pistachio Milk Chocolate

When I bought this "Swiss Milk Chocolate with Pistachio" bar from Sainsbury's recently I wasn't expecting much. I don't know why but I always assume most supermarket brand chocolates are much poorer versions of what companies such as Lindt produce, but at a cheaper price. The only difference that piqued my curiosity with this bar was the fact it contains pistachio, which is an uncommon flavour amongst most mainstream chocolates.

Opening the wrapper, it looked rather plain and unassuming, although smelled very nutty and delicious.

Cutting into it revealed something a bit more exciting. Each blocked contained a whole pistachio atop a layer of pistachio praline cream:

It tasted very delicious. The chocolate was smooth and rich, and the praline cream was rich, nutty, and very addictive. The crunchiness from the pistachios made it even more so. It did get a little sickly after one two many blocks, but I still enjoyed it a lot. It's probably one for sharing rather than gobbling all to yourself, as I often do!

Overall, I would highly recommend this bar if you like nutty chocolates, it's excellent quality for the price and just as good as brands such as Lindt.

Price: £1.39 at Sainsbury's.
Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Contains milk and nuts.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Nestlé Joe Apple & Cinnamon wafer bites (Limited Edition)

Whilst visiting London recently I had the chance to peruse a number of stores we don't get here up North. One of them was 99p Stores, which are cusiously absent in my area, even though we have plenty of Poundlands and Poundzones. After a little research it seems that 99p Stores are part of the same company as "Family Bargains", which we do get here up North, infact many of the European snacks I've reviewed on this blog are from there.

I found these limited edition apple and cinnamon Joe wafers in the Camden 99p Store. They're Romanian in origin and described as "Crispy mini wafers with milk cream with apple and cinnamon taste".

Taste-wise I'm sorry to say they weren't that great. They tasted a bit cheap and were quite crumbly and powdery, although the apple and cinnamon flavour was interesting. They were a bit like Pink Wafers but with apple and cinnamon flavour cream, cut up into little cubes. They were okay but not something I would buy again.

I also saw some Marzipan flavour Joe wafers which I didn't really fancy the sound of:

Overall, it's interesting to see different flavours of European snacks such as Nestlé Joe making their way to the UK, but these particular ones aren't something I would recommend.

I've reviewed the Hazelnut variety of Joe wafers before which you can check out here: Nestlé Joe Hazelnut Wafers.

Price: 99p.
Allergy advice: Contains gluten.
Made by: Nestlé Romania.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Fruittella Magics

After reading this article about Fruittella Magics I was intrigued. Apparently they have been out before, although I was never aware of them the first time so I decided I had to try them this time around. They've been brought out to cash-in on the trend for "flavour changing" sweets, such as Skittles Crazy Cores (reviewed here by Grocery Gems), Starburst Flavour Morphs etc.

The first thing to note is the packaging. It looks a bit...outdated. If Fruittella are trying to appeal to a modern audience I think they made a mistake here, as the packaging is nowhere near as eye-catching as Starburst or Skittles.

Packaging aside it's the taste that counts, and luckily they tasted very nice. They were very fruity and chewy and the texture was just perfect. As promised the orange turned to strawberry and the raspberry turned to lemon. It was quite a subtle change but definitely noticeable, and made for a pleasant flavour experience. They're far nicer than Skittles Crazy Cores in my opinion, but the only letdown was that there were only two, yes two different flavours! I find this very odd since most bagged sweets have at least 4 different flavours. I think this coupled with the outdated packaging is their downfall, and it's a real shame because they are a very tasty product!

Overall if you're into chewy fruity sweets I would recommend these, I think they're much nicer than similar sweets like Starburst, it's just a shame about the lack of different flavours.

Price: £1.25 at Morrisons.
Ingredients: Contains gelatine - not suitable for vegetarians. Also contains coconut oil.
Allergy advice: None stated but they don't appear to contain any allergenic ingredients (milk, egg, nuts).

Monday, 17 June 2013

Sperlari Granperle pralines (like Lindor)

Whilst in Family Bargains recently I came across these Sperlari Granperle pralines. Family Bargains always seem to sell obscure European branded chocolates, such as the LaCasa Pineapple Praline and Pergale Coconut Centres I've reviewed previously. These Sperlari pralines caught my attention because they look a bit like Lindor truffles, and indeed they were very similar!

They're basically ball shaped truffles that contain different fillings. There were three different varieties at Family Bargains but I went for Milk Chocolate with gianduja and caramel crisp, and Dark chocolate with almond cream and nougat.

Milk Chocolate Gianduja and Caramel:
Sperlari  Granperle Milk & Caramel
These are milk chocolate truffle balls that contain a gianduja hazelnut cream centre with crunchy caramel pieces, and they were delicious! The chocolate tasted very creamy and quite similar to Lindt, but not quite as rich. The gianduja filling was creamy and nutty, and the crunchy caramel pieces went well with it. These pralines were verrrrrrrrry addictive, I seriously couldn't stop eating them! Imagine a milk chocolate Lindor truffle with crunchy caramel pieces (like the crunchy bits in Milka with D'aim) and you've got a pretty good idea of how these tasted. Very moreish!

Dark Chocolate with Almond Cream and Nougat:
Sperlari Granperle Dark & Nougat
These weren't quite as nice as the milk chocolate version but were still very tasty. The chocolate contains 60% cocoa solids which made them much richer, and the almond cream filling was sweet and milky with a cinnamon hinted flavour. The nougat grains tasted of honey and almond, similar to the nougat in Toblerone. They were very tasty but I couldn't eat too many at once.

Sperlari Granperle Dark & Nougat
Overall, I think these Sperlari Granperle are fantasic value for the price as they're very good quality and unique, and the Milk and Caramel Granperle are very addictive! I hope to see them again at Family Bargains - next time I want to pick up the hazelnut praline variety I didn't get the last time. If you happen to see these in any discount stores I would definitely recommend them!

Price: £1 per 160g box.
Made by: Sperlari, who are an Italian company. Their website is

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Magnum Strawberry & White Chocolate Ice Creams Review

I'm a big fan of Magnum ice creams - the white chocolate ones in particular, so when I saw this strawberry and white variety recently at Morrisons I couldn't resist giving them a try. It was a hot sunny day too which made them all the more tempting.

For £1.75 you get 4 white chocolate Magnums, described as "Strawberry Ice Cream swirled with a Strawberry Sauce (13%) coated with White Chocolate (23%)".

I shared these with a friend and we both managed to get through 2 ice creams each as they were so tasty!

The white chocolate was thick and had a lovely creamy vanilla-hinted flavour, whilst the strawberry ice cream had a lovely refreshing strawberry taste. The sauce was nice and zingy and gave the ice cream an extra fruity kick. The flavours contrasted perfectly with the creamy white chocolate and made for a very indulgent ice cream.

Overall I think these Strawberry & White Magnums are a delicious creamy treat and are perfect for the Summer weather. If you're a white chocolate fan or a fan of Magnum ice cream in general you seriously need to check these out. Highly recommended!

Price: £1.75 for 4 Magnums at Morrisons. Now available at Asda!
Ingredients: Doesn't state if suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Contains milk & whey. Gluten free.
Nutritional information (per Magnum): 250 calories, 14g fat, 29g carbs (28g sugars).

(Apologies for the quality of the  pics - I had to rely on a smartphone camera!)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Haribo Starmix with Blue'Bear'ies (Limited Edition)

limited edition blueberry

As well as Tangfastics with watermelon slices, Haribo have also launched these new Limited Edition Starmix with "Blue'Bear'ies" as part of their "Flavours of Summer" range. They are basically regular Starmix jelly sweets with the addition of blueberry flavoured gummy bears, hence the terrible "blue'bear'ies" pun.

limited edition summer

Whilst the addition of watermelon slices was a great idea for Tangfastics, unfortunately blueberry flavoured gummy bears isn't quite so exciting for Starmix. The bears have quite an artificial blueberry flavour which I didn't find particularly tasty.

limited edition

I don't really understand why they went for blueberry as a flavour, to be honest - it's a flavour that's hard to get right in sweets and doesn't strike me as particularly "summery". I think passionfruit or mango would've tasted nicer and fit the summer theme much better. Maybe Haribo just really wanted to use the word "blue'bear'ies" as a pun? Or perhaps blueberry is a flavour the public has been desperately crying out for all this time?

Either way, I'm not a fan of these but I commend Haribo for doing limited edition flavours of such popular sweets. The Tangfastics with watermelon slices are a particularly good idea and I hope to see more limited edition flavours from Haribo in future!

Price: 72p at Sainsbury's Local (special offer), £1 at Poundland.
Ingredients: Contains gelatine - not suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Gluten free.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Haribo Smurfs Jellies Review

Whilst at Poundland recently I spotted these Haribo Smurfs Jellies. After looking them up online I found that they're to tie-in with the Smurfs 2 film due out next month, which is news to me as I never realized there was even a first Smurfs film!

The jellies are in shapes of all the popular Smurfs characters such as Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Gutsy, Brainy and Grouchy. They come in raspberry, strawberry and lemon flavours.

I was expecting them to taste similar to other sweets in Haribo's range such as Starmix, but to my surprise they had their own unique taste which was very fruity. They reminded me of the original Haribo Gummy Bears but were fruitier and more addictive. I can't quite place what it is that made them so addictive but they really were!

Overall these are a nice spinoff from Haribo and I would definitely buy them again. Along with the new Haribo Tangfastics with watermelon slices they make a nice new addition to the Haribo range.

Stay tuned for more Haribo reviews...I've been finding quite a few new products from them recently!

Price: £1 at Poundland, also available at Primark.
Ingredients: Contains gelatine - not suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Gluten free.
Nutritional information (per 40g): 137 calories, 0.04g fat, 30.8g carbs (18.2g sugars).

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk Strawberries & Creme (Summer Limited Edition)

Continuing with their endless new product creations, Cadbury have now come up with this "Summer Limited Edition" Strawberries and Creme Dairy Milk bar. I found this at Morrisons (as well as the new Cadbury Crunchums) for £1. I was very excited because a new Dairy Milk flavour is always a special occasion in my book!

The bar is described as "Milk chocolate with a yoghurt and strawberry filling" and comes in a 120g block.

summer limited edition yogurt

Opening the wrapper I was met with the familiar smell of Dairy Milk chocolate, as well as an undercurrent of fruity strawberries. I couldn't wait to get stuck in! 

summer limited edition yogurt

Taste-wise it was lovely. The Dairy Milk chocolate was as tasty as you would expect, and the strawberry filling was super smooth and creamy. The strawberry flavour itself was refreshing and realistic, and there was a slight tanginess from the yogurt which brought an extra dimension to the flavour. Overall this bar was moreish yet surprisingly filling - it didn't take too many blocks to feel satisfied, which is good as it made it easier to save some for later!

I was initially disappointed when I read it had a yogurt and strawberry filling rather than strawberry cream, but in hindsight I think it's a good idea because the yogurt brings a refreshing, tangy element to the filling.

Overall I think this is a lovely Summer Edition from Cadbury, and I hope to see more fruity Dairy Milk flavours in future!

Price: £1 at Morrisons, 99p at Home Bargains.
Ingredients: Contains 1% freeze-dried strawberries. Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Contains milk and soya. May contain nuts and wheat.
Nutritional information (per 3 chunks): 85 calories, 5.3g fat, 8g carbs (7.8g sugars).