Thursday, 20 July 2017

Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer Original & Scottish Raspberry

A big thankyou to Crabbie's for providing me with these bottles of alcoholic gluten free ginger beer for todays review, they were very much appreciated! What with the hot, changeable weather recently it's always nice to have something refreshing on hand to cool down with, especially when it's alcoholic.

Crabbie's have been going since the 1800's when Scottish pioneer John Crabbie started creating drinks from steeped ginger and exotic spices from the far east. For more info on their history, do check out Crabbie's website:

The Original variety is made to Crabbie's "unique steeped ginger recipe" and contains 4% alcohol. I chilled it in the freezer, before pouring into a glass to drink ice cold. It was lovely; super refreshing, spicy and fiery with a lovely ginger warmth. The low amount of alcohol was just right, enough to make you feel a slight merriness but not keel over. Great for a summers day! 8.5 out of 10.

The Scottish Raspberry variety had a lovely pink hue to it, with that unmistakable aroma of sweet raspberry. I was worried this wouldn't mix well with ginger beer but to my surprise it was lovely, it gave a nice tart refreshing edge to the more fiery sweet ginger. It somehow works really well! I would definitely try this again. 8.5 out of 10.

Hats off to Crabbie's, these are two lovely drinks for the summer months. I would highly recommend them if you're in need of a light, gluten free alcoholic refreshment - they're perfect for picnics and barbecues. I'll be seeking out their other flavours now!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Goupie Lemon Meringue and Date & Walnut Review

A big thankyou to Goupie for sending me some of their lovely chocolates to review recently. They are "A devilishly moreish chewy chocolate confection with a hint of crunch", hand produced by a small team in Kent. They come in triangular pieces and are freshly made to order every week. There's 17 individual flavours, 13 of which are vegan friendly, whilst 7 are gluten-free. For more info do check out Goupie's website:

I got the Lemon Meringue and Date & Walnut as these are both gluten free, but they also make varieties such as Hazelnut, White Chocolate & Lavender and the intriguing "A Taste of Christmas" based on the humble mince pie (only available from October to December).

Lemon Meringue (Gluten Free):

Described as "A citrus cocktail of zesty candied lemon and rich marshmallows " these had a delightful lemon aroma when I cut into them. The centre is light and chewy, very sweet and oh so moreish. The Belgian dark chocolate is the perfect coating, with the marshmallow being a nice finish. These had me hooked! Before I knew it they were gone...oops. 8.5 out of 10.

Date & Walnut (Gluten Free, Vegan):

Described as "A priceless pairing of succulent dates and creamy walnuts", these are dairy free and vegan as well as gluten free.

The centres in these were very sticky, no doubt thanks to the dates, and oh so moreish. They also have a rich chocolate flavour going on.

They're the perfect ooey, gooey munchy snack that will keep you reaching for more. Super rich and full of flavour, with the walnuts adding a slightly savoury edge, these would make a perfect end to a meal. 8 out of 10.

Out of the two boxes Goupie sent me, it's hard to pick a favourite because both were so moreish and addictive, but as you can see the Lemon Meringue scored higher, purely because I prefer zesty fruity flavours. Both are great though, and boy do I wish I wasn't gluten sensitive so I could try the other varieties!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Ombar 90% Organic Cacao Review

Ombar 90% Organic Cacao

Following on from my review of Ombar Centres Coconut & Vanilla, today's review is another bar they sent me recently; Ombar 90% Cacao, made with organic Ecuadorian raw cacao. This is gluten free, dairy free, suitable for vegans and made with coconut sugar rather than refined white sugar.

Ombar 90% Organic Cacao

The chocolate packs quite the cocoa punch, it's somewhat fruity and sour and a lot richer than regular chocolate. It was nice and I appreciated the different flavours compared to regular cacao, but it's not something I would neccesarily eat as a snack. It's something to be appreciated with a glass of wine or strong coffee.

Overall, a nice but very intense chocolate, this is one for the chocolate connoisseurs rather than an everyday indulgence. For that I would stick to the Ombar Centres.

Nutrition Information (per bar): 201 Calories, 18g Fat, 9.1g Carbohydrates, 3.6g Sugars, 3.5g Protein.

Organic Ingredients: raw cacao, coconut sugar, cocoa butter. 

8 out of 10.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Ombar Centres Coconut & Vanilla Review

ombar centres coconut and vanilla

I was recently sent a few chocolate bars from Ombar to review, which made me very happy indeed - I am currently avoiding dairy and trying to cut back on sugar a bit (let's see how long that lasts!), so these really made my day when I got them in the post. They're completely vegan, dairy free and gluten free and made with organic raw cacao. This particular bar contains a truffle filling of creamy coconut flavoured with vanilla.

ombar centres coconut and vanilla

The filling looks somewhat like the centre of a Lindt Creamy bar, and it tastes de-licious! It's extremely rich, and melts in the mouth perfectly giving an indulgent taste experience. The chocolate is rich and earthy tasting - you can definitely tell it's made with raw cacao, and it contrasts nicely with the creamy centre.

If you're dairy free or vegan, these are bars you will want to stock up on and eat all to yourself. They're so rich and satisfying that a little goes a long way, I do wish they came in larger bars though. I couldn't help but want more after eating this - old habits die hard I guess!

Ingredients: Creamed coconut, coconut sugar, raw cacao, coconut oil, cocoa butter, vanilla extract. 

Nutrition per bar: 202 Calories, 15g Fat, 16g Carbohydrates, 11g Sugars, 2.9g Protein. 

9 out of 10. 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Monty Bojangles Choccy Scoffy

Monty Bojangles Choccy Scoffy

Today's review is for some lovely truffles I was kindly sent by Monty Bojangles recently. I've already reviewed their Scofflets Truffles which were delicious, so how does this Choccy Scoffy boxed variety compare?

Monty Bojangles Choccy Scoffy

The box is delightful and very well presented, and even gives you an indulgent recipe to try at home that includes butter. Naughty!

Monty Bojangles Choccy Scoffy

The truffles may look plain, but they taste delightful. They melt in the mouth like butter, with a creamy and smooth melt. They're very rich so you only need a few for a chocolatey hit, but they're oh so satisfying.

Overall, these truffles from Monty Bojangles taste great and would make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, or more likely a cheeky treat all to yourself (I certainly didn't share them!)

8.5 out of 10. 

Friday, 7 July 2017

Haagen Dazs Mango & Raspberry Ice Cream

Haagen Dazs Mango & Raspberry Ice Cream

It's British Summertime, and in in true fashion we're having heatwaves followed by what better way to cool off than with ice cream, right?

Today's review is one I've had in the archives a while, I bought a box of Haagen Dazs Fruit Collection way back when mainly to try the Blueberry and Cream variety, but it also contained this tub that I've never tried before, Mango & Raspberry. I was disappointed with the white chocolate Mango & Raspberry sticks so how does this variety compare?

Haagen Dazs Mango & Raspberry Ice Cream

Thankfully it's s lot, lot nicer! Like the other pots from The Fruit Collection this comes with it's own individual spoon - so handy for picnics!

Haagen Dazs Mango & Raspberry Ice Cream

The pot consists of mango ice cream with swirls of raspberry sauce mixed in, and is the perfect creamy and fruity combination. The flavours complement each other well, with the sauce bringing nice bursts of tart raspberry to the sweeter mango ice cream.

Overall, this is a great flavour from Haagen Dazs and now I want to try the large tub version! I would highly recommend The Fruit Collection too though; there's such a nice range of different flavours in it and the small pots are so handy for picnics.

9 out of 10.

Nutrition Information (per 87g pot): 211 Calories, 11.6g Fat, 23.7g Carbohydrates, 23.6g Sugars, 2.9g Protein.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Fruit Salad Sour Softies

It's been a while now since I reviewed regular Fruit Salad Softies, and I really enjoyed them so I was super excited when Tangerine Confectionery offered to send me some of the new Sour variety to review. They're described as "Sour, fruity and soft" and come in both Blackcurrant & Lime and Raspberry & Pineapple flavours. They're available from the likes of Tesco and stores like Home Bargains.

The sweets have similar colours to the regular variety, but when you bite into them the difference hits you. They have a vague sour flavour in the background, that isn't overpowering, but is definitely there. These were nice and it was certainly easy to eat a lot of them at once, however when compared to the regular variety I didn't enjoy them half as much.

Overall, these are an ok variation and nice if you like tangier sweets, but personally I will stick to the originals. Kids will love them!

Nutrition (per 100g): 328 Calories, 0.3g Fat, 78.3g Carbohydrates, 50.1g Sugar, 3.1g Protein. 

8 out of 10.