Friday, 21 November 2014

Ultimate English All Butter Fudge & Honeycomb Nuggets Review

A big thankyou to Ultimate English who sent me some products from their lovely toffees and fudges range to review recently! Ultimate English are a company based in Harrogate, Yorkshire producing hand-made fudge and toffee in the traditional English way. They describe their fudge as "The grandest butter fudge in the world", which is quite the claim...luckily I can say they may just live up to it!

Below are my thoughts on their Fudge and Honeycomb Nuggets...

Simply Marvellous All Butter Fudge:

This fudge was simply divine! The texture was firm and crumbly, and although I generally prefer softer fudges like Thorntons, this was pretty amazing. It tasted extremely buttery, with a moreish golden syrup and brown sugar flavour. It melted in mouth and tasted was mega sweet of course, but so nice I accidentally ate too much at once!

Overall, seriously amazing fudge - some of the best I've tasted. I've seen this on sale in B&M bargains recently so if you happen to spot some, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.

Ultimate English Astoundingly Brilliant Honeycomb Nuggets:

Apart from Cadbury's Crunchie I've never really had many Honeycomb chocolates - it's just not one of those things I've ever really thought to buy, since there's so many other chocolates around. So I was glad to have a change with this bag of  "Astoundingly brilliant honeycomb nuggets". Like the fudge, it's described as "The grandest honeycomb in the world"...again, a tall order! The blurb on the pack reads "An often overlooked sweet indulgence, our heavenly honeycomb is whisked for extra crunchy lightness, then broken by hand and coated in luxurious Belgian chocolate. A deliciously decadent delight to brighten up any day!

The honeycomb nuggets were very chunky, in fact I could only manage to eat half a piece at once since it was so thick! This is great though because it makes it very substantial and satisfying. Taste-wise the honeycomb had a lovely crunch with a delicious buttery golden syrup flavour, whilst the chocolate provided a nice creaminess and tasted good quality. It was quite simply, delicious.

Overall, I I think Ultimate English may just live up to their claims of making the grandest fudge/honeycomb/etc in the world. It's really is delicious; full of buttery, golden, sweet flavours, very luxurious and actually better than Thorntons quality-wise. Give them a try if you spot them!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10. 

Where to buy?: Available in B&M stores.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Gluten-free. Contains Dairy.
Recommend?: If you love fudge/toffee/honeycomb then yes!

*Products sent for an honest review.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Kitkat Toffee Treat Review

a toffee flavour kitkat with dark and white chocolate

A new Kitkat flavour is always a "big thing" in my opinion, considering it's the biggest selling chocolate bar in the world. Nestlé UK have been quite busy with the Kitkat brand recently, launching a new Kitkat Chunky Double Caramel, and also this new toffee variety in the multi-pack range found in the biscuit aisle.

At first I thought this would simply consist of toffee flavoured wafer, but turns out it actually has a toffee flavoured coating! It's kind of similar to the Kitkat Caramac they did years ago, but this one has two layers: one of toffee flavoured white & dark chocolate, and a base layer of milk chocolate.

Opening the wrapper, the bars had a very strong toffee aroma...I could tell this was going to be sweet!

Unlike the 4-finger and Chunky Kitkats, this 2-bar version has retained the much-loved foil wrapper, and I have to applaud Nestlé for this as it looks quite grand with the light glistening off it!

Peeling the foil off revealed a two-tone bar, with a beige coloured upper layer and milk chocolate layer underneath. It brought back memories of the much-missed Kitkat Caramac...

Taste-wise it was of course very sweet, with a strong toffee flavour, but luckily the milk chocolate layer toned the sweetness down a little making it more bearable. It was a nice snack dunked in a cup of coffee, but you wouldn't want more than one of these at once, so it's just as well it's in a two-finger format. This is definitely one for the sweet-toothed!

Overall, it's nice to see something a bit different from Nestlé and even if they haven't seen sense and brought back the mighty Kitkat Caramac... this will do for now! ;)

RATING: 7.5 out of 10. 

Price: £1.59 for an 8-pack at Tesco.
Allergy Information: Contains wheat, gluten, dairy, soya. May contain nuts.
Nutrition (per bar): 108 Calories, 5.3g Fat, 13.4g Carbs, 10.8g Sugar.
Recommend?: Only if you have a sweet tooth!
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bounty Dark Noir 75% Cocoa Review

It's not often we get a new Bounty variety in the fact, outside of import stores I've never seen anything different from the Milk and Dark chocolate versions. So when I spotted this "Noir" with 75% cocoa solids recently I just had to pick one up! They were on offer of 3 for a pound, which is a great bargain, although they were a little past the best before!

The only other Bounty variety I can remember ever trying was a Mango flavour, way back in around 2004. Sadly it was an import and only available in discount stores. Some countries also get a Cherry that's one I'd like to see in the UK!

This one appears to be made in France and imported by Mars Canada, then shipped over to the UK...confusing!

Opening the wrapper the first thing I noticed was that the chocolate looked a lot darker than the "Dark" Bounty we get in the UK. 

The extra percentage of cocoa was very noticeable in the was richer and far more satisfying than the UK's Dark Bounty. It gives an extra flavoursome hit the original lacks and contrasts well with the sweet coconut filling, preventing the whole thing from becoming too sickly. I really enjoyed it!

Overall, this is a very tasty Bounty bar and much nicer than the UK's Dark variety. If you happen to spot one anywhere definitely pick one up! It might not live up to the standards of most "fine" dark chocolates but it's pretty good for a mass market 75%!

RATING: 8 out of 10. 

Price: 30p/3 for £1.
Recommend?: Yes - if you're lucky enough to find one! (check independent discount stores and market stalls).
Allergens: Contains soy, milk & sulphites.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Magnum Caramel Chocolates (Not Ice Cream!) Review

agnum caramel chocolates

Last year, Magnum UK brought out a new countline chocolate...or rather, three mini chocolates in a countline wrapper. I was skeptical whether they would stick around to be honest, but it seems they must have been popular as they've now added a caramel variety to the range.

Like the original variety this contains "a vanilla flavoured white chocolate truffle filling", and is complimented with a layer of firm caramel running above it. They're like mini versions of caramel magnums! 

As with the original variety the chocolate is rich and good quality, a step above most average chocolate bars. The filling was smooth with a lovely vanilla hinted flavour, and tasted very reminiscent of Magnum ice cream. Which is nice...but a little odd in a chocolate bar. The caramel had a nice buttery flavour and complimented the truffle very well. 

Overall, this is a nice addition to the Magnum countline range, although I think they could do something a little more exciting...caramel seems like such a "safe" flavour to me. That said, if they'd have made it salted caramel it might just have won me over! 

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Price: 65p at Morrisons. 
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes. 
Allergy Information: Contains milk, soya. May contain nuts & egg. 
Nutrition (per piece): 67 Calories.
Cocoa solids: 38% minimum.
Recommend?: Yes - better quality than an average chocolate bar at this price. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis Exploding Candy - *GUEST REVIEW* by William

After much fiddling around with my own blog, I now have the time to sit down and type away at a new guest review & I'm going to attempt to get these up at least once every 10 days or so? Myself and Kev haven't arranged a schedule but I will try my hardest to get some more posts done because I've heard previously that they've been rather popular!

As it's vastly approaching Christmas, Mondelēz tend to launch more Terry's Chocolate Orange products and this year we've got quite a lot of new exciting chocolate orange products including the new Toffee Crunch orange and these - Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis with Exploding Candy.

I particularly like the mini format because I find they're so much easier to eat in public without the need to “whack and unwrap”. Recently, I've noticed that Mondelez have been reducing the size of most Cadbury products (especially the sharing bags) but with these you get quite a lot more chocolate in the bag than you would with a Cadbury sharing bag?

The mini segments seemed to be scuffed and are not visually pleasing but the scent of the chocolate makes up for that. The aroma is so gorgeous and chocolatey with a kick of orange and it makes you really want to scoff the whole bag! As the chocolate melts you are gradually greeted by quite an annoying crackle by the popping candy but the texture is okay. If you love popping candy in chocolate, I definitely recommend you try these because there is quite a fair bit in each tiny little segment which personally I'm not too keen on.

The flavour is gorgeous though - the creaminess of the chocolate and the flavour of the orange is rather pleasing but beware, these are extremely moreish!

Overall, these Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis with Exploding Candy are a great addition to the “minis” range but I would rather buy a bag of the original chocolate orange minis because they don't have any of that annoying popping you get with popping candy. What I'd like to see maybe next year is a Toffee Crunch version of these? Or maybe the return of the white chocolate Smasher? And maybe a mini version of those? I'm sure Kev would appreciate very much if the white chocolate smasher did make a return!

Anyway, if you liked this review and you'd like to see more posts from me, head over to my blog: but I will hopefully be writing more guest reviews on here soon!

RATING: 7.5 out of 10

From: Tesco.
RRP: £1.99 (I got mine for £1.00).
Weight: 136g.
Recommend?: If you love popping candy and chocolate orange then yes!

TWITTER: @moroneywilliam

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Nestlé Yorkie Peanut (Limited Edition!) Review

Nestlé UK recently announced the launch of a new limited edition Peanut Yorkie, which is exciting news since we don't often get many peanut chocolate bars here (although Peanut Lion Bars recently made a return - hurrah!). Of course many of my readers will know that peanut Yorkie isn't "new" as such, it's been around before...there's even a Facebook Page to bring it back (although isn't there a Facebook page to bring everything back these days?!)

Considering all this I think we're lucky Nestlé chose to resurrect's not too often that old much loved products get a chance to shine again (case in point: Banjo Wafer Bars!)

The bar is described as "Chunky milk chocolate with peanuts (25%)" and contains 25% cocoa solids. Opening the wrapper, the first thing I noticed was the intense smell of roasted peanut. It reminded me of the mighty Snickers bar, but with an even more intense peanut aroma. It's split into 5 chunky blocks.

Cutting through the central block revealed plenty of roasted peanuts embedded within...

It will come as no surprise that peanut was the defining element of this bar. The milk chocolate itself was decent enough; sweet and milky, like most Nestlé chocolate, but nothing that stands out. The roasted nuts made the bar truly special...they were very flavoursome and moreish, making it ridiculously easy to munch through the bar all at once (though to be fair it's not that difficult, considering the new smaller size).

Overall, I wouldn't say this is as great as the legendary Snickers, but it's certainly nice to have a chunky chocolate bar containing just peanuts without added ingredients such as raisins. If you're a fan of peanut chocolate you'll definitely want to give this a try, before it disappears from shelves again!

RATING: 8 out of 10. 

Price: Around 60p at Tesco.
Allergy Information: Contains milk, nuts. May contain soya.
Nutrition (per 43g bar): 248 Calories, 16.5g Fat, 19.5g Carbs, 18.4g Sugars.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Not stated.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Mint Daim Bar (Limited Edition) Review

Today's review is thanks to one of my kind readers, Vicky, who recently visited Sweden and picked up a new Limited Edition Mint Daim bar for me. We don't usually get limited edition Daim varieties in the UK (although there were briefly some Cola and Orange flavours!), but a little research reveals there's been lots of Daim limited editions in its native Sweden - Dark and White Chocolate, Forest Fruits "Summer Dream", Lemon-Lime "Cool Breeze", Cappuccino,...and even Daim Ice Cream Bars! Maybe there's no demand for all these things in the UK. What do you think, readers...would you like to see more Daim varieties on shelves?

Back to this mint flavour...inevitably, the bar has shattered in the post, which isn't surprising as it's longer than the Daim bars we get in the UK. It smelled intensely of mint, in fact it reminded me of Murray Mints and Mintoes - those butter mints that are often popular with grannies.

And that's kind of how it tasted...the filling was similar to a butterscotch flavoured Murray Mint, coated in creamy milk chocolate. I have to say it surprised me by how tasty it was, I wasn't expecting the flavours of mint and butterscotch to work together but they really did and it turned out rather moreish! The milk chocolate finished things off perfectly and brought a nice creaminess to the crunchy filling.

Overall, this is a tasty limited edition and it's such a shame we won't be getting it in the UK. Mint flavours are perfect for Christmas so I don't see why Mondelez haven't launched it here too?! Maybe in future...

Are you a fan of Daim? Would you like to see this Mint Edition in the UK? Let me know in the comments! 

RATING: 8 out of 10.