Co-Yo Dairy Free Coconut Milk Yoghurt Review

I'd been searching for this CoYo Dairy Free yogurt for ages last year - I'm a big fan of coconut milk products for their health benefits - but unfortunately it proved rather elusive to track down! Luckily since then it has appeared in a lot of organic and whole food stores, which can only be a good thing.

In short, this yogurt is simply delicious! It tastes just as good as regular cow's milk yogurt, in fact I would say it surpasses it since it doesn't have that strong acidic taste. It's much creamier thanks to the coconut milk and tastes a lot more satisfying. I'm sure it would be perfect with cereal or for mixing with fruit, and of course it's suitable for anyone with a dairy allergy. It's sweetened with xylitol which makes it sugar-free, plus it contains probiotics as well as being vegan, nut-free and gluten-free. Thank goodness it's not deliciousness-free!

Overall, CoYo gets a big thumbs up from me and I would highly recommend it to anyone sensitive to dairy or who wants something that is healthy but delicious. I hope to see CoYo yogurts in major supermarkets in the future!

RATING: 9 out of 10.

More info
Allergy Information: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Soya Free, Egg Free.
Nutrition150 calories per 100g serving and 0g sugar.
Available From: Ocado Online


  1. Agreed! I'd love to see these available in a mainstream supermarket.

  2. This looks simply amazing and delicious! The consistence seems to be perfect.
    Do you know the nutrition facts for one cup?

    1. Hi Marlien, according to their website it contains 150 calories per 100g serving and 0g sugar. They don't mention fat.

    2. Great review Kev.
      Have I missed it,or is the price mentioned anywhere?


    3. Hi Pete, price varies depending on the shop you buy it. It's £3.55 for a 250g tub from Ocado:

    4. I hate to disagree with everyone but I bought the plain one and the chocolate one and I found them both absolutely revolting. It was only the extortionate price I'd paid for them that stopped them going in the bin.

  3. I love Co-yo too, but my LO has found it a bit sour for her liking. I recently found the answer was a quick squirt of syrup. Now she loves it!

    I love that Ocado stocks it and have heard that Waitrose do too, but only certain stores. I really hope it does become more mainstream, as I can't tolerate soya - which is your usual dairy replacement. I also hope the price can be brought down a bit - it's far more expensive than normal yoghurt!

  4. Found 3 small tub flavours in Tesco, tried the chocolate one. It tastes slightly sourish and the price is pretty steep, but what i didn't like the most is that they use sweeteners, the chocolate one had stevia in it, i'd prefer molasses or raw sugar.


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